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Camp Kit List

What to Pack & What Not to Bring


Clothing: - Please bring practical outdoor clothing. We will be playing hard - don’t bring your favorite outfit or new shoes.

                        6-7pr Underwear/Boxers

                        6-7pr Shorts

                        8-12 T-shirts

                        2prs of Footwear – Soccer Cleats are a popular choice for Paintball field use.

                        Hiking Boots

                        2-4pr Long Pants

                        1-2 pr.Long Pants for field use – we can provide paintball pants for those who wish to use them.

                        8-10pr. Socks

                        2 Swimming Suits

                        3-4 Sweatshirts or Hoodies



                        2-3 pr. Pajamas/Lounge Pants

There are laundry facilities available, however we will only clean those things that are essential.


                        Sleeping Bag/Pillow

                        2-3 Towels (Swimming & Showering)


                        Body Wash/ Shampoo will be provided – but you can bring your own if you desire.

                        Sunscreen/Insect Repellent

                        Personal Hygiene Items – Deodorant etc.

Optional Equipment:


                        Paintball Gear – Marker Set-up, Mask, Pants, Jersey, Slide Shorts, Chest Protector etc. – Camo Gear

                        Life Jacket –Must be an approved life jacket in good condition & fully operational.

                        ATV Helmet – Must be an approved helmet in good condition & fully operational.

                        Fishing Gear


Mail: Everyone loves to get mail at camp (please do not send packages or anything that must be signed for). To ensure

that it arrives on time, send mail one week prior to your campers arrival day. Please send all mail to:

NAME OF CAMPER (use big bold letters)

Quest Children’s Services

373A Old Wooler Rd.

Codrington, Ontario K0K 1R0

What not to bring – if any of these items are found at camp, they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the session.

Candy, gum, food, radios, CD players, Mp3 players, Electronic games or players, cell phones, pagers, knives or other weapons, aerosol sprays, valuables, and bad attitudes.

Please be aware that Quest Paintball can not be responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave valuables at home.

Quest Tournament Paintball
373A Old Wooler Rd. Codrington, Ontario K0K 1R0
Phone: (613)475-3896 Fax: (613)475-6098